Business Consulting & Financial Advisory

JCN CPA combines technical, market and business skills in providing objective advice and guidance to clients’, help them grow their businesses, improve performances and manage risk more effectively.

Today’s business environment is very complex but smart and great leaders monitor and navigate changes in public policies and regulations to sustain growth and improve operational effectiveness. There are new challenges everyday but successful leaders are always proactive and require practical and timely solutions to business problems. At JCN CPA we partner with you and guide your business towards:

  • Improving Business Performance
  • Turning risk and compliance efforts into opportunities
  • Creating, Enhancing and Preserving value
  • Maximizing returns for shareholders

We offer broad range of management consulting skills combined with our great expertise in audit, risk, mergers & acquisitions, regulatory and tax services.

While complexity can be a threat, it is also an opportunity to create new and better strategies, develop new products, expand into new markets, rethink business models and become more efficient to gain competitive advantage and take advantage of the opportunities.

Balancing opportunities and challenges requires clarity and guidance. That is why people turn to JCN CPA.

U.S. GAAP SEC XBRL Financial Reporting

Our consultants are knowledgeable and experienced at helping clients meet their U.S. GAAP SEC XBRL filing requirement. JCN CPA consultants help SEC filers with XBRL Tagging & Mapping of Financial Statements and Footnotes, element selection and reviews, rendering and html reviews, error correction and edits, and compliance checks.

Internal Controls and SOX Compliance

JCN CPA provides internal control testing and SOX compliance services on a consulting and staff augmentation basis. We help our clients to meet their compliant needs.

For further information on how we can help you meet your SEC, XBRL financial reporting and compliance needs, please contact us at:
Telephone: 832-675-1138