Tax Preparation & Planning

JCN CPA prepares tax returns for individuals, private businesses, non-profit organizations, estates, trusts, partnerships, and corporations.

Income Tax

Tax planning is critical for business growth. If you are just starting out, JCN CPA can advise you on different ownership forms of business and the related tax consequences. If you are already an established business, we can help you with your tax planning, as well as evaluating the tax consequences of certain transactions.

State and Local Taxes

JCN CPA takes a professional approach in preparing Individual, Business, Sales, Use, and Property Taxes, as well as multi-state income taxes to identify potential areas of state tax exposure and refunds.

IRS Representation

JCN CPA can represent you before federal, state, and local tax authorities. We deliver competent, effective advocacy and representation before IRS including audits, settlements, and appeals.

International Taxes

JCN CPA provides assistance with international tax issues, including tax consequences of doing business abroad, and foreign sales corporations.